Ribbon Bird - Stage 1

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Ribbon Bird

Stage 1

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Ribbon is a great accessories for Gift packaging, Festival decoration and of course for handicraft work. In this web page, I have shown you how to make Roses using Ribbon and now will provide you the instruction on how to make bird.

This shall be the creation - bird (phoenix). Please click the image to enlarge..


You could use paper or Ribbon. Measurement : 5 cm x 42 cm long. Both ribbons cut with 4 strips - each 32 cm

For both ribbons, fold the 1st and 2nd strip with "one-In-one Out" pattern.


Place both pieces with the strips in "one-In-one-Out" position. 

Then pull all the sides together.

Turn over

Fold as shown (follow the labelled strips closely)

Pull all together

 To be cont'd in Stage 2 .......