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Prosperity Piggy 

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Ribbon Bird

Geisha Origami

Recycled Can Art

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Dear Handicraft Lovers


First of all, thanks for stopping at my webpage.


In fact, I have always wanted to create a web page to share with others that are interested in handicraft but were delayed due to work commitment.


Learning handicraft is like learning a skill. To do any handicraft well, the eyes have to concentrate and the mind must be able to form the picture. It also involves a combination of skill, patience and creativity.


“Hong Bao Lantern” is another very interesting handicraft popular during Chinese New Year. In the past, I had made quite a lot to be given away but never taken any pictures. So, in order to create this web page, I have specially done a few which you could find in this web page. 




   Other samples :



It really requires much effort and time to prepare the instructions. So, give me some more time to prepare the rest. However, I hope you will like those two lanterns with instructions and will create a pair ready for your Chinese New Year. Other handicraft I have made include geisha origami and craft from recycled cans.





Do visit and support my web page again. I would be most grateful to read any comment you may have, so please feel free to write to me.(email :


Happy viewing, learning and also have a wonderful New Year !