About the Local Plan/News update

The steering committee have now completed its informal consultations and produced a Draft Neighbourhood Plan.  Thank you to those residents who have participated to date.
The  6 week consultation with all local residents, and businesses within the parish has commenced - 3rd March and will close on Monday 14th April, 5.00 p.m.
A summary of the plan is listed below:-.

Horninglow and Eton Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2014 - 2031


In 2012 Horninglow and Eton Parish Council made the decision to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan.  Neighbourhood Plans set out local planning policies to help determine planning applications for new development and set out a vision for the future of that area.  Policies and site allocations in Neighbourhood Plans have to be in “general conformity” with the strategic policies in the local authority’s Local Plan and must take account of the National Planning Policy Framework. 

Horninglow and Eton is not faced with the prospect of large scale new developments like the surrounding parts of the town because the area is already well developed.  However the principal issues that the plan attempts to deal with are

·         Traffic; Horninglow and Eton has a lot of traffic coming through on its way into the town centre and beyond, and all the proposed developments on the edge of town will increase the amount of traffic in the area.  We need to try and find a way to keep the traffic flowing but make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.  Roads may need to altered and some junctions improved.  Traffic calming should make it a nicer place to live. 

·         Parking; a lot of the houses in the area were built before people owned cars.  On street parking is a problem in many streets because it can cause traffic jams and make it difficult for all sorts of services to get access.  We need to try and find a way to control on street parking and create more off street parking. 

·         Open spaces; there are some good areas of open space in the Horninglow and Eton area but we need to make sure these are protected and provide more so that everyone has some green space near where they live.  We would like to see more cycle routes and walkways to help people get about without having to drive. 

·         Housing improvements; some of the older housing in the parish is in need of improvement to bring it up to modern standards. 

·         Local services; there are a number of local shops, places of worship, pubs, clinics and meeting places in the parish that should be protected so that local people don’t always have to travel into the town centre to get what they need.  We would like to see these local services protected and, if possible, expanded. 

·         Development; there are some small areas that could be developed and some places may well  be redeveloped. 

 The draft plan contains a whole range of policies to try and deal with these issues up until 2031.  These policies are

ü  Protection of Local Centres and Community Facilities (HE1 – Page 22)

ü  Improving the Environment of Local Centres (HE2 – Page 23)

ü  Re-Use of Empty Properties (HE3 – Page 24)

ü  Site Allocation - Former Citroen Garage Site, Horninglow Road (HE4 – Page 24)

ü  Lansdowne School (HE5 – Page 25)

ü  Off-Street Car Parks (HE6 – Page 27)

ü  Parking Standards (HE7 – Page 27)

ü  Parking Permits (HE8 – Page 28)

ü  Garage Colonies and Residential Car Parks (HE9 – Page 28)

ü  Highway Junctions and Traffic Calming (HE10 – Page 31)

ü  Horninglow Road and Green Routes (HE11 – Page 33)

ü  Protection and Enhancement of Local Green Spaces (HE12 – Page 37)

ü  Local Built Heritage Assets (HE13 – Page 39)


Horninglow and Eton Draft Neighbourhood Plan is published for consultation for 6 weeks from 3rd March to 5pm on 14th April 2014.  To view and comment on the Draft Plan and background documents please visit the Parish Council’s website http://www.horninglowandetonneighbourhoodplan.co.uk .  All comments are very welcome.

This is your chance to influence planning and development in Horninglow and Eton for the next 17 years. 

If you would like someone to visit your organisation to talk about the plan please contact the Clerk, Telephone: 01283 530554 or Email: clerk@horninglowandetonparish council.co.uk


Next Steps

The results of the consultation on the Draft Plan will be considered very carefully and used to finalise and amend the Neighbourhood Plan.  This will then be submitted to East Staffordshire Borough Council with background documents including a Consultation Statement.  The Borough Council will undertake a further public consultation on the Plan for 6 weeks before the Plan is subjected to an independent Examination.  A Referendum will be held on the Plan before the Council “makes” the Plan and uses it to help determine planning applications.