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Computational Redesign of the SHV-1 b-lactamase/b-lactamase Inhibitor Protein Interface.  K.A. Reynolds, M.S. Hanes, J.M. Thomson, A.J. Antczak, J.M. Berger, R.A. Bonomo, J.F. Kirsch, and T.M. Handel (2008) Accepted to J. Mol Biol. 

An engineered monomer of CCL2 has anti-inflammatory properties emphasizing the importance of oligomerization for chemokine activity in vivo.   T.M. Handel, Z. Johnson, M. Mack, R. Cirillo, V. Muzio, M. Teixiera, M. Déruaz, F. Borlat, T.N.C. Wells, and A.E.I. Proudfoot (2008) Accepted to J. Leukocyte Biology.

Chemokines and cancer: migration, intracellular signaling, and intercellular communication in the microenvironment. M. O'Hayre, C.L. Salanga,T.M. Handel, and S.J. Allen. (2008) Biochemical J. 409:635-49. PDF

Quantum mechanical design of enzyme active sites. X. Zhang; J, DeChancie, H. Gunaydin, A.  Chowdry, F. Clemente, A. Smith S. T.M. Handel, and K. Houk, (2008) J Org Chem. 73:889-99. 

Inhibition of MCP-1 ameliorates rat adjuvant induced arthritis. S. Shahrara, AE.I. Proudfoot, C.C. Park, M.V. Volin, G.K. Haines, J.M. Woods, C.H. Aikens, T.M. Handel, R.M. Pope. (2008) Journal of Immunology, 180: 3447-3456.  PDF

NMR Assignment of Human Chemerin, a Novel Chemoattractant. S.J. Allen, B. A. Zabel, J. Kirkpatrick, E.J. Butcher, D. Nietlispach, and T.M. Handel (2007). Biomol. NMR Assignments. 1:171-173.

Staphylococcus Aureus-derived Staphopain B, a Potent Cysteine Protease Activator of Plasma Chemerin. P. Kulig, B.A. Zabel, G. Dubin, S.J. Allen, T. Ohyama, J. Potempa, T.M. Handel, E.C. Butcher and J. Cichy (2007) J. Immunology, 178:3713-20.

Structure of M11L: A Myxoma Virus Structural Homolog of the Apoptosis Inhibitor, Bcl-2. A.E. Douglas, K.D. Corbett, J.M. Berger, G. McFadden, and T.M. Handel (2007)  Protein Science. 6:695-703.

An Object-Oriented Library for Computational Protein Design. A.B. Chowdry, K. A. Reynolds, M. S.  Hanes, M. Voorhies, N.  Pokala, T.M. Handel. (2007) J. Computational Chem. 28:2378-88. Click here to download software

Chemokine:Receptor Structure, Interactions and Antagonism. S.J. Allen, S.E. Crown and T.M. Handel. (2007) Annu Rev Immunology, 25:787-820.

Potential inhibitors of chemokine function: Analysis of noncovalent complexes of CC chemokines and small polyanionic molecules by ESI FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry. Y. Yu, M.D. Sweeney, O.M. Saad, S.E. Crown, T.M. Handel and J.A Leary. (2006) J Am Soc Mass Spectrom 4:524-35.

Chemoattractants, extracellular proteases, and the integrated host defense response.  B.A. Zabel, S.J. Allen, P. Kulig, J.A. Allen, J. Cichy, T.M. Handel, E.C. Butcher. (2006) Exp Hemat 34:1021-32. 

Chemokine-like Receptor 1 expression by macrophages:  Chemerin-responsiveness and opposing regulation by TGF-beta and TLR Ligands. B.A. Zabel, T. Ohyama, L. Zuniga, J.Y. Kim, B. Johnston, S.J. Allen, D.G. Guido, T.M. Handel, E.C. Butcher. (2006) J Expt Hemat 34:1106-14.

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Structural and computational characterization of the SHV-1 b-lactamase/b-lactamase inhibitor protein (BLIP) interface. K. A. Reynolds, J. M. Thomson, K.D. Corbett, C. R. Bethel, J.M. Berger, J.F. Kirsch, R.A. Bonomo, and T.M. Handel.  (2006) J Biol Chem 28:26745-26753.

Chemokine-glycosaminoglycan binding: specificity for CCR2 ligand binding to highly sulfated oligosaccharides using FTICR mass spectrometry. Y. Yu, M.D. Sweeney, O.M. Saad, A. Hsu, S.E. Crown, T.M. Handel and J.A Leary. (2005)  J Biol Chem 280:32200-8. 

Interaction of Chemokines and Glycosaminoglycans: A New Twist in the Regulation of Chemokine Function with Opportunities for Therapeutic Intervention. Z. Johnson, A.E.I. Proudfoot and T.M. Handel. (2005) Cytokine Growth Factor Rev 16:625-36. 

Chemerin Activation by Serine Proteases by Fibrinolytic and Inflammatory Cascades. B.A. Zabel, S.J. Allen, P. Kulig, J. Cichy, T.M. Handel, E.C. Butcher. (2005) J Biol Chem 280:34661-6. 

Regulation of Chemokine Function by Glycosaminoglycans - As Exemplified by Chemokines. T.M. Handel, Z. Johnson, S.E. Crown, M. Sweeney, A.E. Proudfoot. (2005). Annu Rev Biochem 74:385-410. 


Chemokines Bind to Sulfatides as Revealed by Surface Plasmon Resonance. Sandhoff, H. Grieshaber; R. Djafarzadeh, T.P. Sijmonsma, A.E.I. Proudfoot, T.M.  Handel, H. Wiegandt, H. Wiegandt, P.J.  Nelson. (2005)  Biochim Biophys Acta, 1687:52-63. 

Chronic Expression of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 in the Central Nervous System Causes Delayed Encephalopathy and Impaired Migroglial Function in Mice. D. Huang, J. Wujek, G. Kidd, T. He, A. Cardona, M. Sasse, E. Stein, J. Kish, M. Tani, A.E. Proudfoot, B.J. Rollins, T.M. Handel, R.M. Ransohoff. (2005)  The Faseb Journal, 19:761-72. 

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Examination of of MCP-1 (CCL2) Partitioning During Transendothelial Migration. L.A. Hardy, T.A. Booth, E.K. Lau, S. Ali, T.M. Handel and J.A. Kirby. (2004) Lab Invest 84:81-90.

Identification of the Glycosaminoglycan Binding Site of the CC Chemokine, MCP-1; Implications for Structure and Function In Vivo. E.K. Lau, A. Kungl, C. Paavola, Z. Johnson, F. Borlat, A.E.I. Proudfoot, T.M. Handel. (2004) J Biol Chem, 279:22294-305.

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Glycosaminoglycan Binding and Oligomerization are Essential for the In Vivo Activity of Certain Chemokines. A.E.I. Proudfoot, T.M. Handel, Z. Johnson, E.K. Lau, P. Liwang, I. Clark-Lewis, F. Borlat, T.N.C. Wells and M. Kosco-Vilbois. (2003)  PNAS 100:1885-1890. 

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Solution Structure and Dynamics of the Melanoma Inhibitory Activity Protein (MIA). J.C. Lougheed, P.J. Domaille  and T.M. Handel. (2002)  J. Biomolecular NMR, 22:211-23. 

Molecular Determinants for CC Chemokine Recognition by a Poxvirus CC-Chemokine Inhibitor. B.T. Seet, R. Singh, C. Paavola, E.K. Lau, T.M. Handel and G. McFadden. (2001)  PNAS,98:9008-13. 

Protein Design: Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We're Going.  N. Pokala  and T.M. Handel  (2001) Journal of Structural Biology, 134:269-281. 

Structure Of Melanoma Inhibitory Activity Protein (MIA), A Member Of A New Family Of Secreted Proteins.  J.C. Lougheed, J.M. Holton, T. Alber, J.F. Bazan, and T.M. Handel. (2001) PNAS: 98:5515-20.  

Recognition Of The CX3C Chemokine, Fractalkine, By Its Cognate Receptor And The Viral Receptor US28. L.S. Mizoue, T.N.  Kledal, K.B. Bacon, T.M. Handel. (2001) J. Biological Chemistry, 276: 33906-14. 

Chemical Synthesis of Lymphotactin, a Glycosylated Chemokine with a C-Terminal Mucin-like Domain.  L.A. Marcaurelle, J. Wilken, L.S. Mizoue, L. Oldham, T.M. Handel and C.R. Bertozzi. (2001)  Chemistry: A European Journal 7:1129-1132. 

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