Helene Davis Quilts

Art Quilts in Paducah 

Tooth 1 - Root Canal  was the first of Helene's quilts to get much recognition outside of the northeast.  It was one of the few generally pictured with news about Quilt Visions 2004. We had just moved from Millburn, NJ to Paducah, KY so there was a certain amount of name confusion as people sorted out that Helene Davis of Paducah was the same as Helene Davis of New Jersey.


Pluvium I was given the Skydyes award at Quilt 21/2000  Helene was pretty happy. She thought the idea of Having Quilt 21 as an east coast version of Visions was great. 


Helene had another work in Quilt 21/2002 called Black Rain. 

You can click on the images to get a bigger version. Black Rain is on the left and a detail from it is on the right. 


Totem I has been pretty well received where ever it has been shown.  In the detail you can see that it is tightly and evenly quilted.  The fine dressmaker's facing is another characteristic of Helene's work that you would expect from a former dressmaker.