Welcome to hand-drawn art by del

I really hope you enjoy the images I have drawn by hand on this page. I only ask that you do not copy or use these images without my permission. If for some reason you wish to use my art for anything in print or published on the internet, please ask. I am a reasonable person, and willing to share with honest folk in a higher resolution. I am also available for custom work. Thanks for looking.

Feel free to contact me at mavfire@gmail.com, or at the forums on http://osrgaming.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=3903 where my member name is mavfire.

I have moved the majority of my illustrations over to: mavfire.deviantart.com!
Please go there and check my gallery out! Thanks for looking.

Color illustration of the fantasy nature. 

Pencil and ink illustrations.

Isometric building interiors/exteriors for fantasy gaming.