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Retreat Archive & Resources

Last Annual Retreat: May 2012

The Collaboration hosted its annual retreat in May 2012. The purpose of the retreat was to improve the Collaboration. At the retreat, participants attended break-out sessions where they discussed short-term and long-term goals for every program in the Collaboration (Tutoring, Hand in Hand, Academic Pairings etc.). To view the notes from these break-out sessions, look through the document below.

2012 Task-Force Documents

During spring of 2012, Collaboration stakeholders met together over a series of weeks to discuss a variety of topics. Each task-force created recommendations for how the Collaboration can approach these topics. These task-forces were in preparation for the annual retreat.

Please use the table of contents below to click on a task-force document. Each of these documents include the conversation from the task-force session along with pertinent background information and critical questions regarding that topic.

Mission / Vision 

Evaluation System 




Download Documents

To download the task-force session documents, please click on the file names below.  Available in Word format.
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