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Hamline to Hamline Collaboration Strategic Plan

Stakeholders in the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration met over a series of workshops, as well as a retreat, in 2013, to create a strategic plan for the Collaboration. The strategic plan aims to strengthen the relationship between Hamline Elementary and Hamline University.

Short-Term Strategic Plan (2012-2013):
  • Improve communication within the Collaboration
    • Create an online portal for users to access necessary information
    • Position the Coordinator's role as the entry point for all communication 
    • Dedicate an Advisory Board member to a Public Relations position

  • Evaluate all collaborative programs and projects 
    • Bi-annual and tri-annual assessments, available through online forms
    • Conduct a focus group, representative of all members in the Collaboration at the end of the year
  • Strengthen the relationship between Hamline School of Education and Hamline Elementary 
    • Improve Hamline course/clinical connections with Hamline Elementary classrooms  

How to help the Collaboration meet the Strategic Plan:

  • Use this new online portal to access resources and connect with others
  • Submit your evaluation forms
  • Communicate with the Coordinator, Nancy Vang, in regards to the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration