Mini-Grant Evaluation Criteria 


  • Is it an on-going or one time activity?
  • Who’s responsible for the planning/ implementation? Will they actually do it?


  • What is the purpose?
  • Does it fit the purpose of both sides?
  • Does it fit the grade level standards? (applies to Hamline Elementary)
  • Does it fit the curriculum?  Mapping? (applies to Hamline Elementary) 


  • Will both sides benefit?           
  • How does it benefit both sides?
  • Who does it involve?  Who does it benefit/impact?
  • Does the activity meet our common values?


  • How do you measure the success, impact, and results? (i.e.: rubrics, reflections, surveys, discussions, etc.)

In addition, mini-grant proposals will be evaluated by the advisory committee on these criteria: 

  1. Anticipated positive impact of the project on the collaborative relationship
  2. Creativity and innovation of the project (consider use of diversity or interdisciplinary efforts)
  3. Advancement of the mission and vision of the collaboration (click HERE to check mission and vision)
  4. Anticipated date of when the grant is needed.  

Please note that Mini Grants cannot be used to pay a person for doing a collaborative project. 

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