2015-2016 Hand in Hand Executive Board

President | 
Megan Gjere

Position Description:  As Hand-in-Hand President, I attend advisory board meetings, overlook the program, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  I keep in contact with our University and Elementary liaisons.



Vice-President | 
Alex Willi

Position Description: 
As Hand-in-Hand Vice President, I assist the President in preparing events, training, and board meetings.  I also ensure that buddy cabinet is up-to-date and fulfills your needs and your buddies’ expectations.

Secretary | Nicole Kain 

Position Description: As Hand-in-Hand Secretary, I am in charge of recording the meeting minutes and sending them to all group members.  I also do whatever is necessary for large group events and the program in general.


Treasurer | Jordan Schiffler Jordan

Position Description: As treasurer, I keep an updated budget for Hand-in-Hand and allocate the financial resources to events and to other expenses such as crafts and games for the buddies. I also file petty cash slips and check requests to HUSC to get reimbursements. I collaborate and coordinate with the other members to ensure this process is done smoothly and correctly.

Retention Officer | Maggie Gibson

Position Description: As the Hand-in-Hand Retention Officer, I ensure that all Hamline University buddies are meeting the attendance requirements.  I also pair Hamline University students with Hamline Elementary students.  Finally, I monitor the Hand-in-Hand email account.