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Structure of the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration

How is the Collaboration structured? 

The Hamline to Hamline Collaboration is housed in the Wesley Center. 
Both Hamline Elementary and Hamline University share resources in order to sustain the partnership.

Coordinator of the Collaboration: 

Assistant to the Collaboration: 

Executive Board:

Advisory Board:

What programs does the Collaboration offer?

Academic Pairings
  • Hamline University Staff/Faculty pair with a Hamline Elementary classroom to provide academic programming or instruction
Hand in Hand
  • Hamline University students mentor Hamline Elementary students
Snelling Connection
  • Hamline Elementary students report Collaboration news through a journalism class taught by Hamline University students
Tutor Program
  • Hamline University students tutor in Hamline Elementary classrooms
  • Funding for collaboration projects, available through an application process
School of Education Partnership
  • Hamline Education courses and clinicals pair with Hamline Elementary classrooms.