Coordinator of the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration

Margot Howard | 651.895.0715

I have the privilege to be the Coordinator of the Hamline to Hamline Collaboration.This is my seventh year of being a part of the Collaboration and my third year as the Coordinator.

I coordinate and collaborate on all aspects of the Collaboration. I serve as a resource for everyone involved in the Collaboration.
  Please contact me with questions, ideas, or concerns. If I can't answer you, I can tell you who can. I spend one day a week at Hamline Elementary and the rest of the week at Hamline University in the Wesley Center, which is located in the University Center, room 318. 

How can the Coordinator help you? 
  • Connect you with others in the Collaboration
  • Turn a collaborative project or program idea into a reality!
  • Help you with any issues or concerns related to the Collaboration.