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Cuevas and Rester


    Lucien Cuevas and his wife Elmira (Irma) Ladner.  The young boy in the middle is their grandson Oliver Cuevas, from their eldest son Albert.  They are pictured in front of their old homestead, which was located on what now is Albert Cuevas Road in the Standard-Dedeaux community. [LEFT]

    The young man pictured here in his Sunday best is Alphonse Cuevas, son of Lucien Cuevas and Elmira (Irma) Ladner.  This is believed to have been taken either right before he went to serve in World War I or shortly after he returned home.  [RIGHT]

BELOW:  This is a picture of the Rester family (believed to have been taken by a traveling salesman around 1910. The gentleman seated is Reverend Wilson Rester, co-founder of Wolf Creek Baptist Church. Pictures, along with his wife, Martha Florence Smith Rester, are their children, starting from the left on the back row is Ella and Melissa Rester.  From the left on the front row is Burdic and Rankin Rester and to the far right believed to be Molly. not pictured was twin daughters Bertha and Ether Rester.  The Reverend Wilson Rester began preaching in Wolf Creek Baptist Church after it was formed with the help of Napolean "Poley" Jones.

    For many years he traveled on horseback throughout Hancock and Pearl River counties preaching the word of God. To this day, if you ask the elders of many rural communities in the county if they knew him they will regale you with tales from their childhood and about preacher Rester, who would travel the countryside on his horse, preaching the gospel.

    Pictured here from left to right is John Perkins and his wife Mary Rosella Rester Perkins; and the Reverend Wilson Rester and his wife Martha Florence Smith Rester.  Mary Rosella and Wilson were siblings. [RIGHT]

    After the Reverend Wilson Rester's first wife died in the early thirties, he married his second wife, Louisa Ladner.  They are pictured here at the home of relatives.  Notice the characteristic of the Rester family - in stature, the Resters were short people, as you can tell from this side-by-side shot.  She is taller than him, even in her flat-soled shoes.  [LEFT]

    Although the lighting in those days wasn't the best for photography, you still got a pretty decent picture. Pictured here are Burdic Joseph Rester Sr. (the son of  Reverend Wilson and Martha Florence Smith Rester) and his wife Emma Line Perkins Rester (she was the daughter of Ruben and Elizabeth Woodard Perkins), along with grandson Dennis Dan Cuevas Jr. (seated with Burdic) and daughter, Carolyn Ann Rester. This picture is believed to have been taken in the early fourties. [RIGHT]

    Elizabeth "Lizzie" Woodard Perkins, the child is her grand-daughter, Lunnie Mae Rester. Elizabeth was born January 22, 1863. She was the wife of Ruben Perkins. This was taken shortly before her death in October 19, 1942. She was the mother of Emma Line Perkins Rester.  (See Wolf Creek Cemetery listing )  [LEFT]

    Albert Cuevas and his wife, Rachel Deschamp.  He was the eldest son of Lucien and Elmira Ladner Cuevas.  She was the daughter of Bernard and Jane Deschamp.  [RIGHT]

    Albert was born August 25, 1886.  This picture was taken shortly before he died on February 04, 1942.  After an accident involving the families wagon, he suffered numerous strokes, from which he never recovered.  Notice the right side of his body, how the mouth droops as well as his shoulder and limp arm.

    Rachel was born November 07, 1894.  She too was involved in the accident, but survived and died several years later on January 04, 1967.

    This is the old homestead of Burdic Joseph Rester, Sr. and his wife, Emma Line Perkins.  The people on the porch are believed to be children and grandchildren who would often gather at the home at church on Sunday mornings for dinner.  It was located on Wolf Creek road in the Standard-Dedeaux community.  [LEFT]