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Wolf Creek Cemetery

Wolf Creek Cemetery
Submitted by:  Dorty Necaise


            Wolf Creek Cemetery is located in the Standard-Dedeaux community on Wolf Creek road.  There is no actual record showing how old the cemetery is, however we do know that the earliest recorded date of anyone being buried there is Ruben Perkins, although it is believed to be much older than that.  Mr. Perkins died October twentieth in nineteen hundred and seven.  The property was later donated to Wolf Creek Baptist church by the Reverend Wilson Rester and his wife Martha Florence Smith Rester on May twenty-third, nineteen hundred and eight, so that a building could be erected for worship services.  Although the cemetery is not mentioned in the original deed, it has always been understood that the church and the cemetery coexist on the same property.  The cemetery lies behind the church.

            Wolf Creek Cemetery is a private cemetery consisting of only family, with the exception of a few graves, but it is believed that they were close friends of the family.  Clarison A. Carter Perkins is the oldest person to date to ever be interred in the cemetery.  She was born on April tweny-eighth in eighteen hundred and sixteen.  She lived to be one hundred years old when she died on August the sixteenth in nineteen hundred and sixteen.  If she were alive today she would almost be one hundred and eighty-six years old.  Today, nearly everyone buried there can be traced back to Clarison, biologically or by marriage.  From Clarison the lineage is traced down to her sons, John Perkins, who married Mary Rosella Rester, sister of Wilson Rester, and Ruben Perkins, husband of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Woodard Perkins.  The majority of those interred in the cemetery are descendants of Ruben.  These sons are not the only children of Clarison, just the only children that are buried at Wolf Creek.

            As of May the first, two thousand and two there are sixty-two known graves of family interred in the cemetery ranging from infants to the very old.  Out of those sixty-two, twenty-eight are female and twenty-nine are male, with four graves who's sex is undeterminded at this time.  There is a veteran of World War I, four of World War II (one killed in combat), and one veteran who served in the United States Marine Corp.

            There are Twenty recorded family or surnames represented which are:  Carter, Perkins, Rester, Hickman, Gonzales, Etheridge, Phelps, Jones, Woodard, Smith, Deshamp, Melton, Cuevas, Ladner, Ferrill, Necaise, Castilow, Saucier, Martin, and Krohn.

            Today a board trustees oversee all burials and maintenance of the cemetery, these are : Dorty Cuevas (appointed by Wilson Rester.)

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