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"Louisiana's Loss, Mississippi's Gain. A History of Hancock County, MS.
From the Stone Age to the Space Age"
  By Robert G Scharff.
With a foreword by Steven E Ambrose © 1999

Hancock County – Bay St. Louis Discovered
By Dan Ellis
© 1997, rev. 1999
300 year history of Hancock County and its cities and communities
172 pages with  photos and maps.

Cedar Rest Cemetery Index Bay St. Louis

     Mississippi: Sketches of Counties, Towns, Events, Institutions & Persons

     History of Mississippi, the Heart of the South Vol I-IV

     Encyclopedia of Mississippi History

     Mississippi Provincial Archives: French Dominion

    Mississippi Provincial Archives: French Dominion 1729-1748

     Mississippi Provincial Archives: French Dominion 1749-1763
Dunbar Rowland

Mississippi : Atlas of Historical County Boundaries
by John H. Long

Woodville Republican : Mississippi's Oldest Existing Newspaper Vol I -VI
by O'Levia N. Wiese

Pearl River Country Veterans II : War Stories and Sea Tales
by N. Christian Smoot

Life and Confession of the Noted Outlaw, James Copeland
 by  Dr. J. R. S. Pitts

A Place Called Mississippi : Collected Narratives
Marion Barnwell