Game Development

I think that a good game takes an aspect of reality, isolates it, and allows us to play with it in a controlled environment before unleashing us back on the real world.

Here are various game projects that I've worked on. Some are fun, some are not. A few are complete, but many more are just snippets and smatterings.

  • Bible Dave - A retro-ish platformer that was created as a community project with the Christian Coders Network. For this project I did programming, artwork, foley/music, and level design. 
  • BotGal: Escape from Danger Island - A small game that guides players (who have no previous programming experience) in solving a series of puzzles by giving instructions to BotGal -- a small and good-natured robot.
  • MITE: MUD in the Eyes - A cross-platform multi-threaded MUD engine written in C# that supports a number of features, including dynamic script compilation, remote IDE for editing the game world including a syntax-hilighted script editor, and a stable Telnet prompt.
  • Air Locked - My first large-scale programming project, and one which I perennially return to in order to experiment with various game play ideas or concepts. This one title represents several sub-projects I've worked on over the years, implemented in a variety of languages and platforms.
  • Wiinja - A dinky little Ninja defense game to test writing a game that utilizes the Wiimote.
  • PGU TextArea Widget - A simple widget that I created to do multi-line text editing from within Pygame