BioImage Informatics

Conferences (started in 2005)

Steering Committee

  • Manfred Auer (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
  • Anne Carpenter (Broad Inst)
  • Michael Hawrylycz (Allen Institute for Brain Science)
  • B. S. Manjunath (UCSB)
  • Gene Myers (Max Planck Institute - CBG)
  • Hanchuan Peng (Chair and Meeting Founder; Allen Institute for Brain Science)
  • Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin (Institute Pasteur)
  • Badri Roysam (University of Houston) 

2020 Meeting

Organizers: Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin, Charles Kervrann, Jean Salamero, Jean-Yves Tinevez
Institut Pasteur, France.
Sept 30-Oct 2, 2020

2019 Meeting

Organizers: Mike Hawrylycz, Winfried Wiegraebe
Allen Institute, USA.
Oct, 2-4, 2019

2017 Meeting

Organizers: Jie Zhou, Erik Meijering, Shuiwang Ji, Henry Leung, Hanchuan Peng, et al.
Banff Center, Canada.
Sept, 19-21, 2017

2016 Meeting

Organizers: Hwee Kuan Lee (A*Star), Ivo Sbalzarini (MPI-CBG), et al.
A*Star, Singapore.
Oct, 10-12, 2016

2015 Meeting

Organizers: Peter Bajcsy (NIST), Manfred Auer (LBNL), Andrew Cohen (Drexel), Sebastian Munck (VIB), Carolina Wahlby (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Oct 14-16, 2015

2014 Meeting

Organizers: Sebastian Munck (VIB), Pavel Tomancak (MPI-CBG), Erik Meijering (Erasmus MC - University Medical Center Rotterdam), Anne Carpenter (Broad Inst)
VIB & KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.
Oct 8-10, 2014

2012 Meeting

Organizers: Pavel Tomancak (MPI-CBG), Ivo Sbalzarini (ETH Zurich), Fuhui Long (HHMI), Michael Unser (EPFL)
Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany
Sept 16-19, 2012

2011 Meeting

Organizers: Michael Hawrylycz (Allen Institute for Brain Science), Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin (Institute Pasteur), Gene Myers (Janelia Farm), Hanchuan Peng (Janelia Farm) and Badri Roysam (University of Houston)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus
Sept 18-21, 2011

2010 Meeting

Organizers: Murphy, Bob; Danuser, Gaudenz; Hawrylycz, Mike; Wu, Lani; Altschuler, Steven
Carnegie Mellon University,
Sept 17-19, 2010

2009 Meeting

Organizers: Auer, Manfred (LBNL, Berkeley); Martone, Maryann (UCSD); Myers, Gene (Janelia, HHMI); Peng, Hanchuan (Janelia, HHMI)
Janelia Farm Research Campus, Howard Hughes Medical Institute,
April 5-8, 2009

2008 Meeting

Organizers: Carpenter, Anne (MIT); Danuser, Gaudenz (Scripps); Manjunath, B.S. (UCSB)
UC Santa Barbara,
Jan 17-18, 2008

2006 Meeting

Organizers: Auer, Manfred (LBNL, Berkeley); Peng, Hanchuan (Janelia, HHMI); Singh, Ambuj (UCSB)
UC Santa Barbara,
Sept 7-8, 2006

2005 Inaugural Meeting

Organizer: Peng, Hanchuan (LBNL, Berkeley)
Stanford University,
Aug 12, 2005

Special Issues of Related Topics

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