Brief Bio - Dr. David I. Hanauer

David Ian Hanauer’s research employs arts-based, theoretical, qualitative and quantitative methods and focuses on the connections among authentic literacies and social functions in first and second languages. As a literacy researcher, he has investigated academic literacy across disciplines, scientific discourse, poetic discourse, and linguistic landscapes. His research has addressed the genre specific aspects of poetry reading and writing in L1 and L2, assessment in the sciences, the processes of scientific inquiry, scientific writing in L1 and L2, graffiti research and the cognitive aspects of literary education. Dr. Hanauer is the author of six books including Scientific Discourse: Multiliteracy in the Classroom and Poetry as Research: Exploring Second Language Poetry Writing. His articles have been published in Science and a wide range of applied linguistics and educational journals. Dr. Hanauer is the recipient of a National Science Foundation Grant for 2003-2005 for the study of science-literacy connections in the elementary school classroom, four Howard Hughes Medical Institute grants and sub-awards from 2005-2013 for work on scientific inquiry, representation and assessment in the field of microbiology, and a 2009 grant from the US Department of Education for the enhancement of science reading collections in the Pittsburgh School District. Dr. Hanauer is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the Assessment Coordinator and educational researcher in the PHIRE (Phage Hunting Integrating Research and Education) Program in the Hatfull Laboratory, Pittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Hanauer is co-editor of the Language Studies, Science and Engineering book series with John Benjamins.
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