projects & compositions 

Dr. Ju-Yong Ha:  Ethnomusicologist & Composer


curriculum vitae


Ju-Yong Ha recently received the Grant from the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism in hosting and producing a series of concerts and lectures on Korean traditional and contemporary music.


The Sai Ensemble / Lowel Folks Festival Summer

Korea 21: Music Here and Now:  4rd annual performance touring NYC and Los Angeles 
  • Shinawii IV for solo piano, 2002. 
  • Memories of My Childhood, 2001.        
  • Contemplation I, for violin and Dae-Kuem (Korean flute), 2001. 
  • Memories of My Childhood, for solo piano, 1999. 
  • Art Song Collection, for Soprano and Piano, 1999 
  • Shinawii, for violin and piano, 1994.  
  • Shinawii, 1994.  
  • Salpuree, for string quartet, 1993.   
  • Gut for 8 Players, 1993.  
  • The Way to Hometown, for oboe and viola, 1992.  
  • String Quintet, 1990.  
  • Quartet, for flute, violin, viola, and cello, 1989.