Welcome to the H.A. Music Association's website! We're an adult-led group that supports and promotes the band and vocal music programs at Hampden Academy. Our purpose is to foster, support, and advance the cause of school music at Hampden Academy. We lend moral, physical, and financial support and encourage music within the school system and in the four-town (Hampden, Frankfort, Newburgh, and Winterport) and surrounding communities by widening the exposure of students and individuals to music-related opportunities and events. We work with and support the H.A. Music Directors, other faculty, and administrators to promote the cause of music.

Our executive board is made up of a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and representatives from each town. Membership is open to parents and guardians of students involved in any phase or level of the music program, interested individuals from the community, and all H.A. music students. We encourage anyone who wants to be involved to volunteer and/or come to our meetings which are held each month during the school year. Join us!

Thank you for being a Music Booster!