Many of the materials used to construct the Hamstar were purchased at a local dollar store (indicated by *).  

 ItemQuantity Unit Price  Total Price
3 Liter bottle of soda*$1 $1 
Super glue*$1 $1 
Round, plastic food container (with clamps)*1$1 $1 
Hot glue sticks*1 bag $1 $1 
Copper BBs2 containers$12$24 
Hamster Wheel $3 $3 
16"x4"x3" Styrofoam block* $1 $2 
2-pack 1-way valves (fish tank aisle) $4 $8 
4 ft rubber tubing (fish tank aisle) $2 $2 
Infant nasal aspirator $2 $2 
Hamster $12 $12 

  Total Cost$57 

Some of these materials are common to many households, and not all were initially purchased for this project.