Here there be a biography.

Jeff Parish is a 30-something native Texan. He and his wife have a girl and two boys.


He started writing in middle school, where he concentrated mostly on (bad) fantasy tales and (even worse) poetry. His writing skills developed over time, much to his delight and the relief of everyone he forced to read his work, and he gravitated to prose over poetry.


Jeff eventually decided to make a living as a writer, starting work at a small newspaper in Greenville, Texas, nearly a decade ago. Since then, he’s worked at several papers of varying sizes, including The Dallas Morning News, Galveston County Daily News and The Paris News. His last newspaper job was as managing editor of two weeklies in Rockwall County. His newspaper career was suffocated in its sleep in 2006 after he realized journalism might be a noble profession, but slowly starving his family to death was not. He took a job in internal communications for a helicopter manufacturer in the Fort Worth area, where his primary responsibility is still writing and editing. The best thing about his job (aside from a healthy paycheck) is that it gives him time to write, something the erratic schedule of a newspaper doesn’t allow.


There; now you know my story. What's yours?