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Hamsalekha born H. Govindaraju Gangaraju on June 23 1951 inMysore, Karnataka, India is a well know lyricist and musician who has composed music for over 300 Kannada movies. Apart from composing music he has written lyrics for most his movies apart form contributing lyrics for other contemporary music composers. He made his debut as a lyricist in the movie Triveni (1973) where he co-wrote the lines for the song 'Neena Bhagavantha' with Hunsur Krishnamurthy but did not get any immediate oppurtunities in the film industry. His debut film as musician was the 1981 film Rahuchandra. Success still eluded him until a chance introduction to V Ravichandran provided him with an oppurtunity to contribute not only lyrics and music but also to write the dialogues for the 1982 movie Premaloka. Hamsalekha than made people notice him with his unique style of lyrics be the naughty 'Ee nimbhe hanninatha hudugi..', ' Aye rangu biku kaliskodo nangu' ; simple but entertaining 'Nodamma Hudugi..' or the evergreen 'Idhu nanna ninna prema geethe chinna...' . It also started the coming together of two young film makers in Hams and Ravi who went on to give hits after hits until their sad break up



After Premaloka there was no looking back for Hams to mesmerize the people both as lyricist and music composer. Over the past 20 plus years Hams as continued to give us songs on every aspect of human emotion ranging from a philosophical 'Le le marula' in Shaapa to the naughty 'Kaayi kaayi nuggekaayi mahimege' in Halli Mestru. From patriotic 'Huttidhare kannada nadalli hutta bekku' in Aaksmika to evergreen love song 'Ele hombisile..' in Halunda Tavaru. So on and so forth.



Apart from his play of words Hams as also been innovative as a music composer. He made good use of the left-right stereophonic sound effects as early as in Premaloka. Also composed the background score for a movie with just a single instrument and made the music for a movie Kona Eedaita with absolutely no musical instruments. His music in the movie Hagalu Vesha boasted of a totally rustic and folk feel without the use of synthetic sounds.



Hams was also in the news that he would be directing ex IAS officer K Shivaram for his directorial debut 'Nalme'. But it looks like that this plan is now scrapped. Sad to note that we may have to wait to see what kind of magic he would have produced as a director. He also unsuccessfully tried to launch his son Varun- but the movie failed. His wife Latha Hamsalekha has been singer and now his daughter Nandini Hamsalekha too is emerging as a good singer. He has setup his own recording studio and is currently running a music school to train people in all kinds of music. Hams has also been responsible to bring in new talent to kannada film industry. Lyricist- Music composers such as V Manohar, K Kalyan, Music composer  MP Naidu and Singers such as Hemanth, Anoop, Chetan Sosca among others.  


In a career spanning 20 plus years Hams has consistently given the best music and lyrics in 300 plus movies and still going strong. Although he is mostly active in the Kannada film industry he has given music to other South Indian language movies plus a hindi movie. Through this webpages I would like to celebrate the music magic brought to us by this talented person.





Everyone knows Hamslekha as Hamsalekha but his birth name is HG Gangaraju. There is a story as to how he got his pen name Hamsalekha (Literally in English Swan Pen; Hamsa = Swan, Lekhani = pen) goes like this - During his school days impressed by the young boy Gangaraju's ability to write poems and short stories his teacher gave him a 'Swan Pen'. Happy to receive his first prize for his compositions he took the pen name and started to write as 'Hamsalekha' as we know him today.