This is the home page of the ESA Amateur Radio Galileo Special Events. ESA radio clubs organised special activity occasions to celebrate the achievements of the Galileo satellite navigation Project in 2013 and 2014, in conjunction with an award programme.

    The ESA Amateur Radio "Galileo Special Events" activity has been closed on 31/12/2014. In this two years, we had the pleasure to operate our stations with a good feed-back from worldwide OM community. In short, we worked 8080 QSOs with 6724 different OMs in all continents and in particular in 116 countries. 8 of them (HA6VH, IK2WZM, DL1HRN, EA2DT, OK1AY, F5IDJ, DL1NKS and F5JYD) were able to reach the 10 points limit to obtain our special award.
    All in all, we think that this experience has been very positive and we can consider what we did a real success for our clubs, in particular considering that this was the first big cooperation between all ESA sites.

    And now few notes... The award are in preparation and they will be sent to the 8 OMs above in short time. As they are all from Europe, we are thinking if it could make sense to send a special award also to the first classified in other continents (I will update on this).
    All QSL cards have been sent via the bureau through GlobalQSL service. In case you miss your card and you want to receive it, just check if you are in the log. In this case you should receive it. If you are not in, just send me (IW1FNW) and e-mail and I will check what is wrong.
    A report page is under preparation, with all statistics of our activity!

    Finally, I would like to thanks you all and hope to hear you again on-air. Our stations are still active! So you may hear us soon again.

    Alberto - IW1FNW / PA1FNW

    Posted Jan 25, 2015, 1:00 AM by iw1fnw@gmail.com
    Since 2014 is almost at its end, we decided to give you a last chance to obtain our award. Our station will be active from the first week-end of December till the end of the year, or better till ESA site closure for Christmas holidays starting from 20/12/2014. From that date, probably, there will be no more activities as most of us will be back to our home countries for Christmas. In any case, I cannot exclude that there will be activity till end of the year.

    This event is linked also to the activation of the first Galileo satellite after the partial launch failure in August this year. Even if this is not the conclusion that everyone here expected for this first launch, at least something was recovered. More info here!

    Stay tuned, and keep an eye to the cluster!

    73 de Alberto - IW1FNW
    Posted Dec 4, 2014, 12:18 PM by iw1fnw@gmail.com
  • FY activity completed
    Today, 23 Aug. another 168 cw QSO's were conducted by Jörg from Kourou. Both 15 mtr and 20 mtr were operated, partly condx not so good. The respective FY/DL3LUM logbook is closed with a total of 1407 cw QSO's and 54 DXCC countries reached on 5 continents, during 4 activity slots (aside from QRL). Giuliano made about 400 QSO as FY/PA3FHD during the whole campaign. Thanks to all for your interest. We are QRT now in FY, for this campaign. 

    Logbooks will be provided to our QSL manager who will handle them in the usual manner, and he will also update the scores for the Galileo award. QSL-cards will be sent out via GlobalQSL. Thanks again to our hosting station FY5KE. Some photos and videos taken during our stay are available here.

    Latest news on the Galileo launch can be obtained on ESA website.

    DH8BQA         14009.6 FY/DL3LUM    up1, lonely                        1606 23 Aug   French Guiana
    RU3GB-@        14009.5 FY/DL3LUM    tnx QSO                            1601 23 Aug   French Guiana
    DL4CF          14009.5 FY/DL3LUM    up 1                               1558 23 Aug   French Guiana
    DL2SWN         14009.5 FY/DL3LUM                                       1544 23 Aug   French Guiana
    W3LPL          14009.7 FY/DL3LUM    Heard in OH and VA                 1543 23 Aug   French Guiana
    DH6DAO         21033.0 FY/DL3LUM    up 1                               1539 23 Aug   French Guiana
    RU3GB-@        21033.1 FY/DL3LUM    tnx QSO                            1524 23 Aug   French Guiana
    EA2NN          21033.0 FY/DL3LUM    2up                                1516 23 Aug   French Guiana
    9A2QP          21033.1 FY/DL3LUM    up 1                               1516 23 Aug   French Guiana
    F4VPX          21033.1 FY/DL3LUM                                       1507 23 Aug   French Guiana
    I1REG          21033.1 FY/DL3LUM                                       1446 23 Aug   French Guiana
    K4DY           21033.0 FY/DL3LUM    QSX UP 1                           1442 23 Aug   French Guiana
    OM3TPN-@       21033.1 FY/DL3LUM    up                                 1439 23 Aug   French Guiana
    W3LPL          21033.2 FY/DL3LUM    Heard in OH                        1434 23 Aug   French Guiana
    W1EHQ-@        14015.0 FY/DL3LUM    599 in MA.                         1419 23 Aug   French Guiana
    K4JRG          14015.0 FY/DL3LUM    Good copy, up 1                    1417 23 Aug   French Guiana
    F4VPX          14015.0 FY/DL3LUM    up1                                1402 23 Aug   French Guiana
    N3COB          14015.1 FY/DL3LUM                                       1400 23 Aug   French Guiana
    W3LPL          14015.1 FY/DL3LUM    Heard in NH and OH                 1348 23 Aug   French Guiana
    PJ2T DL3LUM14009.5CW CQ [LoTW]11 dB30 wpm1609z 23 Aug
    VE2WU DL3LUM14009.5CW CQ [LoTW]5 dB34 wpm1553z 23 Aug
    K2NNY DL3LUM14009.6CW CQ [LoTW]3 dB31 wpm1547z 23 Aug
    WZ7I DL3LUM14009.5CW CQ [LoTW]14 dB30 wpm1544z 23 Aug
    SK3W DL3LUM21033.0CW CQ [LoTW]11 dB35 wpm1529z 23 Aug
    EA4TX DL3LUM21033.3CW CQ [LoTW]11 dB31 wpm1453z 23 Aug
    SK3W DL3LUM21033.0CW CQ [LoTW]9 dB28 wpm1437z 23 Aug
    VE2WU DL3LUM14015.0CW CQ [LoTW]6 dB28 wpm1416z 23 Aug
    K2NNY DL3LUM14015.0CW CQ [LoTW]9 dB31 wpm1355z 23 Aug
    W3LPL DL3LUM14015.0CW CQ [LoTW]7 dB30 wpm1352z 23 Aug

    Posted Aug 24, 2014, 5:36 AM by Dr. Jörg Hahn
  • New Launch date
    The new launch date is 22 Aug. 2014, 12:27:11 UTC. Stay tuned!
    Posted Aug 22, 2014, 2:11 AM by Dr. Jörg Hahn
  • Launch postponed

    Arianespace has decided to postpone the launch of Soyuz flight VS09 carrying Europe's fifth and sixth Galileo satellites. This is due to unfavourable weather conditions over the Guiana Space Centre. Another launch date will be decided depending on the evolution of the weather conditions in Kourou.

    Please check for updates on ESA website.

    No further specific Ham-Radio activity from FY scheduled so far. Access to station not that easy. If at all it will be ad-hoc. Let's see, Jörg - DL3LUM will depart 24 Aug evening. 

    Posted Aug 21, 2014, 5:21 AM by Dr. Jörg Hahn
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