Mobile Info

This is my mobile and camping equipment:

Jeep TJ 4.0 with Leixen VV-898 for 2m / 70cm local QSO's. Antenna is a selfmade Duoband Antenna for 2m/70cm. My daily driver is a Mercedes C200CDI with 2m/70cm on board and a Diamond MR-75 Antenna.
Option for camping or outdoor action:  a rebuilt λ1/2  Venom "Silver Wave" on a 7,5 m Aluminum Mast and for VHF/UHF a Diamond X-30and of course a roll of wire.

for camping and outdoor I use a selfmade Duoband Antenna for VHF/UHF

QRV on 10m Band from the "Teutoburger Wald" Hills
Antenna ist a DV27L ## SWV on 10m 1,5