Station Info

Ham-Radio Station

QRV FM @ DB0OVM 438.600 MHz #Node 6661 or C4FM @ DB0DS
QRV Brandmeister @ DB0EG TG262

QSL request: DO2EN [@]
via Bureau DARC DOK N44

10m-15m: GP 5/8 λ , 10m-160m G5RV inverted "V" with open wire feedline
2m/70cm: Diamond X-30 and Diamond X-50


Yaesu FT-857-D
Tuner YT-100

Yaesu FT-7900

Yaesu FT-M400XDE

Tytera MD-2017 GPS

Shack (Equipment also portable usable)

Band Propagation

Do you know my android app "BnetzA Rufzeichenabfrage"? It's a little android app that accesses the website of BNetzA.
The german callsign query always in your pockets ...
Here you can get it.