One of a kind Moto Guzzi

The dig on my 2000 Jackal, previously owned by Billy Joel...

The Story:

In 2005, I was looking for my next MG.  I owned a 1990 Millie GT a few years prior and had regretted selling it from the day it rode away on a trailer.  Well, I wanted another one; what's not to like...  sexy rumble, shaft drive, 1100cc V-twin, triple brembo w/4pot calipers.  Anyways, on with the story...  I was working for MGNA at the time and was alerted that Billy Joel was selling a Guzzi with low miles.  His manager sent me a few pics and I bought it.  The bike was trailered from Long Island to Georgia so after receiving all new fluids, a new battery and a well-deserved sponge bath, I fired her up.  Since then, we've been on numerous trips around the SE but our best times are spent chasing sportbikes.

A few upgrades:

  • Tank removed and clear-coated (sharpie!)
  • Weather tight hard bags, painted to match
  • A second disc added to the front
  • Super comfy seat off of an '04 Cali EV
  • Back rest / luggage rack combo
  • Stucchi crossover; sounds good
  • Highway pegs from Harper's MG
  • Metzler 880s (way better than OE Lasers)
  • Passenger floorboards