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posted Oct 15, 2017, 10:05 AM by Hampton Glen   [ updated Nov 26, 2017, 2:43 PM ]
Becca Drews has taken over for John Weidinger as our AIO property manager. John moved out of state to take another job.

Denise Hindes, co-owner of AIO, has been personally helping us with our covenant re-write. We took suggestions from the lawyer from our last re-write and updated the document to the current version. We are seeking input from homeowners before putting the new covenants out in the mail for a vote soon.

AIO is the board's representative in helping get this done by sending out the initial letter, receiving feedback, making any necessary changes, mailing the final document for a vote, collecting responses, filing the document etc.. 

The main reason we did not file the last re-written and approved covenants is that our lawyer said we needed to opt-in to be part of the GA POA. (Property Owners Act). We discussed this at our last annual meeting. Had we not waited to file the approved document, only those who voted for the new document would have had to abide by it. The POA allows for better collection of dues, clarity on late fees and interest, automatic liens instead of paying to file separate liens each time a homeowner gets behind on dues, requires all owners and renters to follow the covenants not just those who voted for them, ability to benefit from a foreclosure etc.

Unfortunately we were unaware of this POA option and the lawyer who drafted our last version failed to mention it before we sought approval from the HOA. We have added a leasing restriction due to overwhelming support for this at the last annual meeting.

You should have received or will receive a letter asking you to review the covenants on the AIO website. This will save a lot of money by not mailing the entire document twice. 

There has been some confusion over the ability to view the documents. Denise Hindes at AIO is aware of this and will to make sure it is user friendly. Please take the time to review them.

We will need a 75% positive response when we mail the new document out for a final vote. It took about 6 months to get the required votes last time. I hope that does not happen again. Thanks.

Ashton Green has volunteered to fill an open position on the board until the next annual meeting in April 2018. Thank you, Ashton.

Bob Taylor