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HGHOA ANNUAL BOARD MEETING - Monday April 16, 2018

posted Feb 14, 2018, 5:41 PM by Hampton Glen   [ updated Jun 5, 2018, 1:33 PM ]

HGHOA Annual Meeting Agenda

Mon Apr 16, 2018


Call to order and prayer: Bob Taylor- President HGHOA

- Proxy and ballot count- Becca Drews- All in One (AIO) property manager

(need 59 to conduct meeting (176 homes in good standing)- had 76 in attendance or by proxy


Board Positions

- Board directors remaining on board:

President- Bob Taylor (has served 5 yrs)- will stay as President for 1 more year because 2 other officers are resigning

Secretary- Ashton Green (has served 1 yr)- need to vote- was appointed to secretary after last year’s meeting and Shirley Murphy moved to treasurer position

- Board members resigning:

Vice-President- Michael Renz (served 2 yrs)

Treasurer- Shirley Murphy (served 1 yr)

- New candidates voted on for Board of Directors- all were approved

Ashton Green (currently serving by appointment), Mark Pfister, Deborah Hannah, Michele Valencia, Bill 

Klinger, Jason Lowe

- New officers- Mark Pfister will serve as Vice- Pres, Michele Valencia will serve as Treasurer 

- Directors at large- (voting members of board) Bill Klinger, Deborah Hannah, Jason Lowe

- New committee members always welcome

- See new board directory soon for full list of board and committees


Budget proposal discussion and vote

Approx $60,000 in current assets- statement from Mar 31

New annual dues set at $495- Dues increase of $20 to cover anticipated extra expenses

Building up reserve account with AIO/ also have separate SunTrust checking acct

Invoice for $495 due May 1- late fee $30 after May 31


Covenant amendment update

New written consent forms should arrive in mail soon- Need 75 percent- about 136 homes to pass (varies with how many homes are in good standing on dues and fees) 

This is 3rdattempt since 2006 to update covenants. Lawyer did not recommend filing updates due to some key provisions that were left out.

GA Property Owners Association (GAPOA) Act discussion.


General discussion items

Covenant enforcement, monthly inspections, leasing restriction proposed in amended covenants of 7%, pool issues and opening plans, recent landscape improvements


Ideas for priorities- resurface pool, playground enhancements, new entrance sign (would require a vote of the HOA), continued landscape improvements, removing paint from street


Meeting Adjourned

Board meeting held immediately after Annual meeting




Detailed Summary of Apr 2018 annual meeting and board meeting discussion


- New Covenants

Attempt by ballot to amend original covenants established in 1988 and also submit to provisions of GA Property Owners Association (GAPOA) Act Established in 1994 (Amended in 2004)

- Included leasing cap of 7% in amended covenants

Summary of benefits:

- Protection of individual homeowners from lawsuit against Association.

- Delinquent homeowners responsible for any attorney collection fees not the HOA.

- Automatic attachment of lien to delinquent homeowner property even if lien not filed at courthouse before property is sold.

- Protection against accidental expiration of covenants.

- Amendments apply to all homeowners not just those who vote for them.

- Max late fee of 10% and interest of 10% for late dues. 

- Makes tenant and owner responsible to comply with covenants.


- Financials 

Closed SunTrust Investment acct of $875 and deposited in SunTrust checking acct

Current balance approx. $33000

If you want to pay installments on dues, they should be started before the due date.

Annual dues are due by May 1. No access to amenities is permitted after that date until dues are paid. Currently, a $30 late fee is due after May 31.

Increase to 10% with new covenants with 10% interest. Late fee date will change to May 16


- Management company

All in One Community Management (AIO)- HG Property manager: Becca Drews

The management company helps in administering many different facets of the job. The amount paid to them is less than $6 per month per homeowner.

Some things they are responsible for:

Help set budget, pay all bills, collect dues, apply late fees, assist with accurate records, file required paperwork with state of GA, issue letters to future homeowners or mortgage companies concerning current dues status, manage contractors when needed, hire contractors for repairs when needed, oversee work performed if required, enforce covenants in cooperation with the board, assist in legal issues, monthly property inspections and reports, manage fines if necessary, and the list goes on. 


- Tennis courts

Showing a few cracks again. Brian Botkin is filling in some of the cracks. They are not on the playing surface. Brain has once again pressure washed benches and courts and done touch-up painting at gazebo.

Tennis courts are for tennis only. Parents, instruct children not to play on the courts.

Code is 4531.


- Activities:

Recent- Held Easter egg hunt on Mar 25

Remaining- Pool opening party, 2 summer movies at pool, Back to school BBQ pool party, fall chili cook-off, cookies with Santa

Also considering some adult community activities. 


- Pool:

Upcoming repairs- Need to replace seal on one of pumps

Possible resurfacing of pool after this season- approximately $15000.


Opens daily May 19 from 9:30-9:30

New procedure- sign-in at first table. Indicate number of guests.

Bring proof of HOA dues payment to receive armbands for entire family from a pool monitor.

New armbands will be required for all members when at pool.

Check guests in at sign-in if pool monitor is on duty.

HOA dues are due on May 1.

No one is allowed use of amenities after May 1 until all dues, late fees etc. are current.

Pool chairman- Kathy Longmore

Pool monitors: Kathy Longmore, Glory Broz, Bobby Broz, Casey Broz, Liz  Yingling


- Grounds

Recent work- landscaping around trees near tennis courts, pulled out lots of old junipers, installed sod near entrance to parking lot , new plants

Remaining work- trim all hedges

Consider pulling out most original landscape at clubhouse when budget allows

Contract is with RGS Landscape.


- Yard upkeep

Most people do a good job of keeping up home and property.

If you are going through tough times and need some help with your yard or home, let us know. We will look at each situation and see if there is a way to help out.

Many yards and homes need work. Please keep your yard mowed, edged, flower beds mulched, bushes trimmed, house painted, rotted wood replaced etc. to keep things looking good. This affects your neighbors and our subdivision.

One big area that needs improvement is weed control. Please maintain an active weed control plan. We have a great group rate with All Turf. It is $200 per year for 8 treatments. They will add a fee for aerating yard too if you choose.


- Mailboxes

If your mailbox door is in need of repair, please get it done. There is info on the website about who to contact. If you need a new box, you can order a box just like you have without approval. A metal replacement box may be cheaper, but contact the ACC if you plan to make a change in style. It must be approved.


- Speeding and safety

We still get numerous complaints. This is our biggest safety issue. Please slow down and instruct your teenagers to slow down. 25mph is the limit and should be the maximum on these small streets. Please stop at stop signs. Slow down even more when passing people.

Do not park too close to the intersections while waiting on the buses. This causes a safety hazard.


- Clubhouse

New chairman- Tonya Annino with Denise Pierce as assistant.

Duties: coordinate calendar for rental, issue key, inspect clubhouse after rental, collect key, return deposit, collect and deposit money, monitor general condition.

Getting estimates now on cleaning companies. Need to paint bathroom floors.


- Street parking

In the day time, you can park on the street in the direction of traffic and not close to an intersection.

At night, parking on the street is not allowed by covenants. This continues to be an issue for some.

Do not park on the grass. Most of the homes with people parked on the street or grass still have room in the driveway. Overnight parking in clubhouse area is permitted less than 24 hours. Notify a board member if need longer.


- Yard grass burning

We had an unfortunate incident on Westport Lane over a year ago where the fire got out of control and burned a wooden fence, playground equipment, bushes etc.  Several neighbors expressed concern about the safety of this annual grass burning practice. One of the neighbors forwarded this link to me for you to review and consider.  The rules state that fires like this are not allowed within 50ft of structures. While it has been done safely for many years, the threat of it getting out of hand is possible.


- Playground

There is still some desire and discussion about enhancing the playground area. Ideas and estimates are welcome. Budget will be evaluated.

Getting some new benches.

Need some new mulch again.


- ACC and other general info/projects

Michael Parkes agreed to install new mailboxes for people for about $35.

Select the MB-500 box. 

The link is:

Currently listed for $135 plus free shipping. 

Still need to replace several broken stones on wall at entrance. May not be needed if decide on new entrance design. Need estimates for work before approval and vote of HOA.


- Website

There is lots of good information on our website. Check it before calling a board member. It is managed by Alan Pittenger.

The website is:

To access the directory, go to documents page, find email address for All In One document request, request the directory from them

We also have a Hampton Glen Neighbors Facebook page managed by Bryn Chanudet.


- Welcome committee

Start up again. Get recent homeowner list from AIO.


- Resigning board members and committee chairman

Thanks to Michael Renz and Shirley Murphy for serving on the board of directors.

Thanks to Julie Carpenter for all her hard work. She is resigning as Clubhouse Chairman. 


Bob Taylor

HGHOA President