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Welcome to our New HG Website!

We have moved our website to Google rather than create a whole new site with the latest, required, GoDaddy version. Google has a good template for Homeowners Associations that fits our needs. It matches the information requirements of all private and professional HOA website development. It is as easy to modify and maintain as Word. It also handles mobile phones and tablets well (over 55 percent of our traffic). And --- it is free.

- This Front Page tells who we are, and provides one-stop News (click HG News on Front Page), key Contacts (left), and Events(right front page). Neighborhood deals - click Neighborhood.  
- Or, click News on the menu, providing News and Events full screen. 
- Questions/Comments? - email: pitta2@bellsouth.net.


- Knowing your website's purpose is crucial to designing it well:

- Our Purpose is to keep our neighbors and others informed, and

provide easy access to people and documents, and also to represent our Neighborhood well.

- We provide Goodwill to the homeowners, realtors, prospective buyers and our Marietta neighbors.

- We have continued the features requested and expected by our homeowners and board, and voted for in our Web Survey: __SURVEY SUMMARY HG WebSite.pdf). 

- Other Homeowners Association Websites in Marietta are organized similarly. Also, HOA Web Builders use this format. 

- Content is King. People today expect up to date, useful information, attractive and easy to navigate, with good pictures when using the internet. We provide the information people are looking for easily and try to bring them back over and over. Static, small websites, and landing pages have been out since the 90's. Users exit them quickly and do not ever return.

- It is also important for us to have a site that will be easy for someone with minimum computer skills to take over and maintain without any coding or development skills required.

- The HOA template we used provides a good base for us. Each page can be easily maintained by clicking edit, clicking the area for text or pictures to be changed or added, then edited like Word. Click save and it is published live. The Clubhouse calendar is maintained by using the Google Calendar application, and updates automatically. It displays well on mobile devices, also.


- The purpose of our Facebook Page is Social Networking. It is an important part of our neighborhood communications.

- It is private, and consists of about a third of our homeowners, plus family and many of their non-HG friends. Two-Thirds of our neighbors cannot access it.

If we only posted our News and Events on Facebook, two thirds of our homeowners would not be able to read it.   

Facebook does not currently support many capabilities requested by our neighbors that our web page does. 

- Neighborhood News, Events, Business and Important Downloads are provided on our 

HamptonGlen.Org web site, and by Presidential Newsletter to serve all of us.