Research Projects

This page list research projects I have been involved in or currently working on

Externally Funded Projects

  1. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), Defence Against Insider Threats, Value Total £32,000. Awarded 2018. Project Reference: 9990
  2. Innovate UK, A secure Track and Trace system for the pharmaceutical industry using Internet of Things, in partnership with Kindus Solutions. Value Total £176,300. Awarded 2016. Project Reference: KTP1023911
  3. Innovate UK - Cyber Security, Develop cyber security solutions to protect evolving, cloud-based Internet of Things ecosystems, and other data processing infrastructures, in partnership with RaaIT. Value Total £188,000. Awarded 2016. Project Reference: KTP010462
  4. Innovate UK, Development of a cloud-based environment (Platform-as-a-service)" for smart city initiatives, in partnership with Shaping Cloud. Value Total £176,000. Awarded 2015. Project Reference: KTP10115
  5. SEAS-DTC, Practical Exploitation of Autonomous Sensing – Location Awareness. Value Total £26,000. Awarded October 2007. Project Reference: BG/IN7054H
  6. Science City, Remote Sensing. Partners, Harper Adams University College, Value Total £130,000. Awarded October 2007. Project Reference: IF047

Internally Funded Projects

  1. Manchester Metropolitan University - SOF REF2021, Applications of Blockchain to the Internet of Things, Value Total £45,000. Awarded 2018.

Open Source Projects

  1. Dingo - Tools for the simulation and deployment of high-level, Python code on real sensor networks. URL:
  2. Python-CSP - Implementations of Communicating Sequential Processes for Python and Jython. URL:

PhD Projects

Student: Olamide Olajogun

Supervisors: Bamidele Adebisi, Mohammad Hammoudeh

Title: Peer to Peer Energy Trading and Sharing - Sept 2016, December 2021

Student: Ruth Ande

Supervisors: Bamidele Adebisi, Mohammad Hammoudeh

Title: IoT for Energy Management - April 2017, April 2017

Student: Dario Alfredo Chiantello

Supervisors: Bamidele Adebisi, Mohammad Hammoudeh

Title: Integrated system for Water Management - Sept 2016

Student: Ibrahim Ghafir

Supervisors: Vaclav Prenosil (Masaryk University), Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU)

Title: Network-based Targeted Attacks Detection

Project: For years governments, organizations and companies have made great efforts to keep hackers, malware, cyber attacks at bay with different degrees of success. On the other hand, cyber criminals and miscreants produced more advanced techniques to compromise Internet infrastructure. Targeted attack or advanced persistent threat (APT) attack is a new challenge and aims to accomplish a specific goal, most often espionage. APTs are presently the biggest threat to governments and organizations. The aim of this research is to develop a novel approach for APT attack detection. The proposed approach consists of two main phases. In the first one there are detection methods, each detection method aims to detect one technique used in one of APT attack steps. In the second phase there is the correlation framework that is based on voting between the detection methods and uses machine learning approaches. The detection system should have the property of extensibility and accomplish the real time detection.

Student: Ehtesham-Ul Hassan

Supervisors: Liangxiu Han (MMU), Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU)

Title: An Autonomous Intrusion Detection and Prevention Framework for IoT Ecosystems

Project: This project aims to develop an intrusion and detection framework using automatic computing for secure IoT systems. The objectives of this study include investigating communication protocols, which can support low power, low memory and low processing properties of IoT devices. This is followed by developing and designing a novel autonomous intrusion detection system with self-defending and self-healing ability.

Student: Muhammad Jasim Saeed

Supervisors: Liangxiu Han (MMU) and Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU)



Student: Laith Al-Bayati

Supervisors: Rupak Kharel (MMU-Engineering), Bamidele Adebisi (MMU-Engineering), Umar Raza (MMU-Engineering), Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU)

Title: Internet of Things Network Architectures/Protocols Design and Optimisation for Real-time Communication


Student: Abdelrahman Abuarqoub (Completed PhD)

Supervisors: Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU)

Title: Battlefield Surveillance: A Cooperative Mobility Maintenance System for Information Extraction from Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

Project: The aim of this project is to develop a solid framework for information extraction over WSNs for battlefield surveillance applications. The main focus is to provide the ability to process dynamic sensor data streams rapidly in an energy efficient manner against a set of outstanding and continuous queries. This includes the definition of new spatio-temporal primitive operations along with distributed algorithms to adapt query execution plans to changing characteristics of the data itself due to nodes mobility. Such framework has to work in a distributed setting and be space, time, and energy efficient.

Student: Fayez AlFayez (Completed PhD)

Supervisors: Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU), Ian Neill (UK Border Agency)

Title: International Boarder Security and Surveillance Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Project: The aim of this research is to investigate the development of a generic framework with structural knowledge of linearity in WSNs in order to improve network efficiency in terms of power consumption and QoS for international border security and surveillance. Such a framework will also exploit the application domain to achieve further energy savings and better QoS. Generic framework investigations will focus on simulation based evaluation of application scenarios for international border monitoring, and transport (such as road/railways) problem domains.

Student: Hassan Sharbatly

Supervisors: Mohammad Hammoudeh (MMU), Liangxiu Han (MMU)

Title: Towards the Development of a Probabilistic Pattern Recognition Technique for the Identification of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks