University Business Magazine Feature

16 August 2017

One step ahead. Online security is an ongoing consideration for universities. Simon Fry rounds-up the latest on how to stay safe. Read the full article here (page 11). 

Prof Subhas Mukhopadhyay visit to the IoT Lab

26 April 2017

Professor Mukhopadhyay from the School of Engineering and advanced Technology, University of New Zealand has visited the IoT Lab. Many thanks for Moi Hoon Yap for organising the visit.

Read my recent contribution to the Pulse magazine

03 February 2017

What will cyber security look like in the next ten years? Read the full article here (page 11). 

Counterterrorism and criminology conference selects Manchester

19 September 2014

Manchester Metropolitan University has been announced as the host of the European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference (EISIC) - regarded as the flagship European conference on counterterrorism and criminology. Dr Hammoudeh is the main organiser and the General Chair of this conference. Read full article here.

Most downloaded Information Fusion Article

19 August 2013

A recently published
article by Dr Hammoudeh  has been number 9 in the most downloaded articles from ScienceDirect in the last 90 days. The articled titled "Adaptive routing in wireless sensor networks: QoS optimisation for enhanced application performance" was published on the 22nd of Febury 2012 in the Information Fusion Journal (Impact Factor: 2.262,  5-Year Impact Factor: 2.838).

Dr Hammoudeh has delivered an invited keynote speech at RANSF 2012

Dr Mohammad Hammoudeh has delivered an invited keynote speech at the Second International Workshop on Recent Advances in Networking, Security & Forensics, on 24th May, 2012.  The talk titled "Route Optimisation and Load-balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks" presented an inclusive solution to various routing challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks.

Dr Hammoudeh has lead the discussion panel on advances in Computer Networking and Security.

The workshop was organised by the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Institute for Research in Applicable Computing  (IRAC) at the University of Bedfordshire, in collaboration with the University of Kufa, Iraq, and funded by a  British Council DelPHE-Iraq Project.

Invited talk and session chair at OPTNet 2012

Dr Hammoudeh has delivered a talk at the Second International Workshop on Planning and Optimization of Wireless Networks at Sheffield University, March 2012. The talk titled " Adaptive Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks: QoS Optimisation for Enhanced Application Performance." focused on rout optimisation to meet user application's requirements.

Dr Hammoudeh has chaired the afternoon session.

Invited talk at IRAC

Dr Hammoudeh has delivered a talk at the University of Bedfordshire, November 2012. The talk titled "Clustering Wireless Sensor Networks Using Watershed Segmentation Algorithm." presented a new approach to localised information extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks that utilises the Watershed segmentation algorithm to dynamically group nodes into segments, which can be used as programming abstractions upon which different query operations can be performed.

Best Paper Award for Dr Mohammad Hammoudeh

Dr Mohammad Hammoudeh was honoured with the best paper award at the 12th International Conference on Next Generation Wired/Wireless Networking NEW2AN 2012.  The paper, “Building Programming Abstractions for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Watershed Segmentation”  has been selected by the award committee in view of its originality, quality and contribution.


Dr Hammoudeh at RANSF 2012.