John Dwyers Music continued     

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This piece is one of Turlogh O'Carolans Pieces Re-arranged for the Piano.

Canon In D String Quartet

Made in Reason 4. why? So the Youtubers may find it and listen in glorious string fidelity

Street Canon 

A Complete Rearrangement of Pachelbels Canon. This is in response to the many "guitar gods" who play to the backing track of the Canon Rock. This is somewhat more original.

Dream a Little Dream of Me 

Done in Reason. Based on the Beautiful South's Rendition of this fine song.

" LoveDevine.mp3

By Jimmy MacCarthy. Played on a Faith Saturn Eclipse.  That is me Singing and Playing

The Mad Lady And Me 

By Jimmy MacCarthy. Played on a Faith Saturn Eclipse. It is me also Singing and Playing

Prettiest Eyes 

A song By Paul Heaton And Dave Rotheray, Played And Sung By John Dwyer on a Faith Saturn Eclipse. 

Ride on 

This is a Live version of Ride on Played By Fionn Croke on Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals, Shane Croke on Drums and Me on Nylon Lead and Lead Vocals.  Written By Jimmy MacCarthy,  This Version Arranged by Fionn Croke, Shane Croke and John Dwyer.  Fionn arranged the rhythm Guitar, Shane Arranged the Drums, And I Arranged the Nylon Picke/Lead Guitar.


Margarets Waltz 


Dance of the Honeybee

Margaret's Waltz Final

This version of margarets waltz has been arranged for the Guitar and the Harp.  Enjoy

Goldfinger, Fionn Croke and John Dwyer 

I have never heard this song, Please forgive me if the lead is wrong.  At the expense of not hearing the song, I had to adlib the lead.  Apparently it's by a Band called Youth

Katie (live)

Guitar Arrangement in G


Live at the Kinvara Open Mic


Written on the Spot. Sorry if it's controversial. Shane Croke doing Beatbox


A song by Wally Page. Played by John Dwyer and Fionn Croke


A Pretty Song Played by Me on a Tanglewood something. With Nylon Strings. Written by Jimmy MacCarthy. My own Arrangement 

 Bob The Tennis Player 

A song written on the spot. Closed open mic 2007-2008 with it, It's quite nice.

One Drop Of Love 

By Dave Hemmingway of The Beautiful South, from the Hello Cruel World Album, This version is from memory and played using my own arrangement of the song.

Student Grant Blues

The First Verse of this song is plagarized from the Amateur Transplants, however, the rest is mine. This is a Parody of Son Of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield and is mainly about the recession and how it affects students