HU Biology Scholarships and Research Opportunities

HHMI  Research Applications Due March, 2016

(fall 2015)  Students from Hamline, Century, and North Hennepin are invited to apply for a summer research position at Hamline University working with Hamline Faculty. Students will be expected to work ten weeks for 35 hours/week and will receive a stipend of $4000 for the summer. The funds available will support 5 students from each community college. Each community college student will be paired with a first or second year Hamline student on a research project. In addition to performing research, students will also be expected to attend biweekly informational sessions associated with the HHMI program.


For HHMI Research Program information and online application please visit:


Biology Summer Research Applications Due March, 2016

(fall 2015) The Biology Summer Research Program, supported by the Lund Endowment, provides stipends for students to pursue a research project for 10 weeks during the summer. Students accepted into the program can also receive free housing in the Hamline dorms for the summer, and a tuition-free Independent Study course credit. Students interested in this program should work with a faculty member in the Biology Department to develop a research proposal. Students are selected for the program based on the quality of their research proposals. The deadline for application to the Biology Summer Research Program is March, 2016.

For Summer Research Program information please visit:
Biology Summer Research Program

For Summer Research Program application please visit:
Summer Research Application Form

Biology Scholars Applications Due March, 2016

(fall 2015) Students with Biology Department Scholarships are required to apply each year for scholarship renewal. Also student's who are not currently Biology Scholars can apply for one of the departmental scholarships. There are specific eligibility criteria to apply for a scholarship, and Biology Scholars have certain responsibilities must be fulfilled as Scholars. Read the Biology Scholar Guidelines for more information.  The deadline for applications for 2016-17 Biology scholarships is March, 2016.

For Biology Scholar guidelines and requirements, and for application, please visit:

Biology Scholar Application Form: see attached "BioScholarshipApp.docx" below
Biology Hamline,
Mar 8, 2016, 2:33 PM