I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, based in the Faculty of Economics. I am also a Fellow at Trinity College and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies

The underlying focus of my research agenda is on two broad questions: first, what sort of risks do individuals face over the business cycle and over their life-times. Second, how well insured are individuals against these risks and how does this uncertainty affect their behaviour. 

This is both a macro and a micro research agenda: to understand what is happening to the aggregate economy, it is necessary to model carefully individual behaviour and the heterogeneity we observe across individuals. Similarly, to understand individual behaviour, it is necessary to understand what is happening at the aggregate level. Insurance comes through individuals own decisions, such as over how much to work or to save, as well as through social insurance such as unemployment and disability insurance. 

My research uses computer simulations of uncertainty in a life-cycle framework to model these mechanisms in a realistic way, allowing for the differences across individuals that we observe in the data.