Significance of Hay Sales and Rumen Buffer to Dairy and Poultry Firms

Owners of both dairy products and poultry firms require care and maintenance of animals on a regular basis to not only meet the increasing demands of their customers, but also to make sure about the good health of the public.

For this, whether you supply milk and other dairy items or you supply chicken and eggs, you should make sure about proper care of cows, buffaloes, goats, chicken, hens, ducks, beefs and others. In this article, you will get information on a few common products help in retaining the quality of dairy and poultry firm products supplied to the people.

Hay as a Food for Animals

Hay Sales is available in the form of herbaceous plants, legumes or grass dried, cut and stored to use as an animal fodder, especially for grazing of cattle, sheep, horses and goats. In addition, one can opt hay to feed guinea pigs, rabbits and pigs, but such animals do not digest it in such efficient way, as the herbivorous animals can.

Other than this, animals require essential nutrients and enzymes to produce optimum quality of dairy products.

Rumen Buffer

Rumen Buffer or Nutri-Buff 270 comes with a scientifically formulated as well as a balanced blend of acid buff, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide and calcium carbonate. This product is beneficial for dairy cows dealing often with the problem of low pH levels.

How it is Beneficial

Rumen buffer, as the name suggests, it helps in buffering of the rumen to cause a significant increase in the pH levels and thereby, drastic increase in both feed efficiency and productivity of dairy cows.
Since the product releases the ingredients of pH balance at a relatively slow rate, it gives long lasting buffer effect in cows and other similar animals.

Phytase enzyme helps in breaking down various phytates present in different types of feeds for the release of inositol and inorganic phosphorus, along with amino acids and protein. Moreover, it traces minerals and various other essential nutrients combined with phytates. The main role of this enzyme in any dairy or poultry firm is to boost the utilization efficiency of various minerals found in the body of animals.