Endre Szkárosi

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Endre Szkárosi (b. 1952, Budapest) is a sound and performance artist, who graduated in Hungarian and Italian at ELTE University, Budapest in 1977. He taught literature and cultural history at JATE University, Szeged from 1984, and has been teaching the same subjects at ELTE since 1994. He began his career as a poet and inter-media artist in the early 1970s, engaging in work in experimental theatre and in writing criticism as well as literary pieces. He has been a frequently encountered writer and performer on both the Hungarian and international art scene with his sound poetry and musical pieces, poetic installations, pieces of visual poetry, video works and performances. He has been editing the regular sound poetry programme Világgége -- Szkárosi Hangadó (World Larnyx -- Sz. Sound Transmitter) for Hungarian Radio for the past ten years. As a scholar of art history, he is mainly interested in the history and the theoretical background of 20th century experimental poetry and inter-media art.

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To Empty The Words
Endre Szkàrosi

The Background of a Linguistic Code

"Once upon a time ... And that was the end, unforeseen, after the end."

versione telematica del quadrimestrale di scrittura e critica diretto da Edoardo Sanguineti e Nadia Cavalera

time has died / since I went by
it’s so bright / without time
 - The Barcelona Review

Towering Inferno  by Kaddish
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Egyiptomi metadon
…belegázoltam a vízbe egészen nyakig, és a két lábon álló vemhes nők és gyermekek oltalmazójával egy nap alatt ötezer esztendőt élek.

"Created from both prepared and found instrumental and vocal materials, which were severely restructured and processed electronically."
 -The Electronic Museum Of Lingua- Acoustic Space "GLUKHOMANIA.RU"