Compass & Map

   The arrival of the mail at Hamilton Arts & Letters is always much anticipated. We all gather at the door like excited Border Collies. The postman usually has his hand on some sort of spray canister. We try to behave. One little nip is all it takes. Is that reasonable?

Socks. They arrive in the thousands. Cotton. Wool blends. Striped. Checked. Argyle. They arrive from every place imaginable.

The Art Director has taken to setting up a table at the train station selling socks to early morning commuters. This new source of revenue has allowed the magazine to buy necessary office supplies, stamps, and magnums of champagne. The Art Director has also taken to making sock puppets and entertains us with their antics. Representatives operating on behalf of the Brothers Quay presented a quite generous offer and contracts were very nearly signed, but when the Art Director saw tears in the button eyes of one of his puppets he threw the pen away.

Yes. Keep sending socks.

The image above is a detail of the wrapping of a parcel that arrived recently. Inside there was a box, and inside the box there was this:

Thank you. We will keep this in mind.