Briefing: SoundPoetryMusic
by Endre Szkárosi
   Poetry is a transmission of energy, sound is a transmitter of energy. The poetry of sound is the total communication of spiritual power. The poet (artist) is not the owner, only a transitory possessor, or mediator, or affected medium of the flow of intellectual-spiritual energy, whose cosmic space is not far away: we stand here with our two feet in it, unwittingly shaping it with every movement we make. With its sensitive nervous system and its nimble linguistic universe, the poetry of word, picture, movement - and most importantly, of sound - is instrumental in helping us to avoid letting the quality of this space to deteriorate, to perceive its friendly power, to make it perceived and to use it. The unexpected meeting before the poet's eye and ear between phenomenon never perceived, seen or heard before gives us a momentary glimpse of the working of some corner of the universe. It is through this transitory crack that energies unknown and unheard of before pass out freely to be comprehended and arranged into language by the poet. The intellectual power inherent in sensual insight is rendered recognisable and interpretable by the poet through the poetic-artistic linguistic mechanism of language which is ever new yet ever familiar after all.

The meeting between man's linguistic and sonorous universe is nothing new under the sun: in actual fact, the spaces of poetry and music have always overlapped. The history of art in the preceding century made it irretrievably obvious that the systems of signs used by traditional, insulated languages of art are insufficient, and this insight finally lead to the emergence of a practice of total artistic-linguistic communication which is here to stay alongside with the traditional canons. Therefore a poem can be a movement, music can be a single word and even a picture can be a poem  the poet/artist dwells in the full space of languages, which exist or can be called into existence, finding and shaping in this total linguistic space his tools which enable him to perceive, re-code and transmit those energies which reveal themselves in unexpected ways.

This CD is a sonorous and poetic document of self-submission: a document of disciplined immersion in the pains and pleasures of emotions perceptions and opening insights. Of love that becomes aware of itself in acts of saying farewell and making contact, in the strangely simultaneous twofold pattern of distance and utter closeness. Some of it might sound unusual, but none of it strange. It hopes to open up locks in the body, in the nerves — in order to make way for the catastrophic happiness of getting to know the unknown.


[These liner notes from Endre Szkárosi's SZKÁROSICON (vol. 1, Bird Machine), Budapest, Bahia, 2002 are used here with permission. Distillate © HA&L + Endre Szkárosi  |  {from the Greek bios} -- the course of a life.]