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Fossil Structured Choice

The Following are choices for you to do during the time given. Please choose wisely! 

  1. Help Create a Classroom Bulletin Board. Each class will be assigned a time period.
  2. Fossils Review Sheet
  3. Retake the Rocks and Minerals (Dynamic Earth Test) You must have a retake ticket completed to do this! 
  4. Retake Any of the Quizzes Available
  5. Peppered Moth Simulation (Paper and Pencil)
  6. Peppered Moth Online Simulation (only one per computer please)
  7. Natural Selection Simulation (Lab)
  8. Complete an Evolution Concept Map (Use a Dictionary to Help!)
  9. Examining the Fossil Record (Lab)
  10. From Wolf To Dogs Game (Done with Partner)  (GAME!)
  11. Survival of the sneakiest Cartoon (Reading Exercise)
  12. Variation and Selection in the Egyptian Origami Bird (Lab)
  13. Adaptation of the Human Hand (Lab)
  14. Stories from the fossil record (online tutorial) Click Here! 
  15. Watch DVD clips #3 and #4 at the TV Station

Classroom Bulletin Board Assignments

  1. Mr. Malefyt 1st Hour: Ordovician/Silurian
  2. Mr. Malefyt 2nd Hour: Devonian
  3. Mr. Malefyt 5th Hour: Carboniferous
  4. Mr. Malefyt 6th Hour: Permian
  5. Mr. Wandel 1st Hour: Triassic
  6. Mr. Wandel 2nd Hour: Jurassic
  7. Mr. Wandel 5th Hour: Cretaceous
  8. Mr. Wandel 6th Hour: Tertiary/Quaternary

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Mar 2, 2010, 9:21 AM