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Holland Area Beekeepers Association

Kalamazoo Beekeeping Club:

Michiana Bee Club

Michigan Beekeepers Association

Ohio State Beekeepers                   

Dadant & Sons beekeeping supplies

Walter T.Kelly Co.- Supplies and newsletter

Mann Lake Beekeeping Supplies    

Bushy Mountain Bee Farm              

University of Minn. Bee Lab            

University of Michigan                     

University of Florida               

University of Florida-videos 

Cornell University                              

Western North Carolina Bees         

Back Yard Beekeepers Association 

Bee Culture Magazine          

American Bee Journal                      

Back Yard Beekeeping (book)

Learning Beekeeping                                                                           

Scientific Beekeeping                      

Mite Control in Honey Bee Hives  

The Practical  Beekeeper                

Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research 

Bee Behavior                                       

A Guide for Beginning Beekeeping 

Beehive Journal-DIY                     

Frame Jig Plans                                   

Bee Source                                           

Bee Wisdom                                         

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