A pleasures mountain-bike tour to Lueneburg

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 June 8th 2014

Heide, gardener, age 55
Iris, age 69, retired and tired bicyclist

Our German friends Norbert (alias Dr. No) and Beate, his wife - no age :-)
Road bike Tour to Lueneburg (Germany)
Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris

We took the chance to visit our German bike friends to visit them. Whitsunday is a busy time in Germany.

Particular at Hamburg and vicinity. We found so many bike groups. Some of them heading for the same destination.

We had sunshine by nature and in our hearts. It was simply fun.

The arrival at the "llmenau Radweg" is somehow special. To eat and drink at the end of the tour, in a historic town of Lueneburg was our award for the tour.

Dr. No rides an electric bike, and he rides hard. Always stressing me by speed. "If I would know, you are behind me, I would have been riding much more slower..." (A joker or what?)...

Enjoy the pictures and the report.

Good luck to our followers!

The distance is not so far... easy going 60 kilometers

We started at Harburg which is located round 10 kilometers South of Hamburg (Landungsbrücken).

You may see on the following pictures.

(the day before we have been riding the usual "Alte Land Tour" with the ferry to Blankenese and the river Elbe tunnel).

The start of the bike-gang:


The tour to Lueneburg:

riding on wonderful bike ways along the river Elbe


leaving the river Elbe bike way - riding South to Lueneburg inland:


Arrival at the "Illmenau bike trail":


A wonderful meal and city walk at the historic town of Lueneburg: