Top Ten Reasons for Going to Church

Top Ten Reasons for Going to Church

  1. At church, you can find some of the best people around—genuine, honest about their own questions and refreshing to be with.  Some here have found life-long friends who have also served as mentors or role models.

  2. Church is a peaceful place, where you can de-stress.  The Bible says, “You, Lord, will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is focused on you."

  3. At church we focus on our purpose, and how we can offer what God has given us to make a difference in the world.

  4. Families that worship together find they get stronger and stick closer together.

  5. Church is for meeting with God and developing a relationship with him.  The Bible says the Lord is present with his people and wants us to find him.  Look for the Lord while you can find him; call on him now while he is near (Isaiah 55).

  6. Church is a safe place.  Fewer accidents happen in church than at the workplace, home, the ball field, the mall, or even the Parkway.

  7. Church is for inner strength, for nurturing our depths, for deepening our love.  The kingdom of God is about goodness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 14:17).

  8. Church is where people care for you.  Those who are sick or hurting or struggling are prayed for and encouraged.

  9. Church is for guidance where we need it, in light of the lasting things in life.  Our aim is to relate what the Bible says to the real issues we deal with.

  10. Jesus is still in the healing business; restoring bodies, minds, relationships and lives, and he works especially where people have come united, in faith.