Children's Sunday School

Sunday School is Currently Designed for Children Ages 3 to 10
 Older Children are Welcome & May Assist with the Lesson
Our children start their Sunday religious education in church with their parents, pastor, and the congregation.  They leave the service following the Offering, Doxology and Dedicatory Prayer to gather in their classroom for their Bible lesson, prayer, singing,  snack, and related craft. 
Our lessons open with a prayer, and the stories of the Bible are taught using religious educational materials with hands on activities.   During the year the children learn sign language that coordinates with their Bible lessons.  Music is an important part of each class and they are learning many children's songs.   They end each lesson with 2 verses from "God Be With You Till We Meet Again."  
The children's choir participate in services during Easter and Christmas, as well as, other special services throughout the year. 
With God's help and the continued support of the parents, grandparents, and our congregation the children's ministry will grow and flourish.
Religious Resources:   The Jesus Movie; DVD Ready and Share Bible;  The Right Choices Children's Bible; Heart Shaper, Crafts & More;  All-in-One Bible Fun/Stories of Jesus; Religious Sites on the Internet; More Than Mud Pies; and selected Children's Religious CD's