A short touring around at Hamburg's vicinity

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 Nov. 17th through November 22nd 2012

My friend Beate, Norbert and me (Iris, retired)

Touring around with a borrowed city bike (Harburg / Altes Land / Blankenese / Harburg)
Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

I tried to avoid to fall into an early Winter sleep...

Tried to keep my tired bones fit. As I have been in an refreshment email contact with a biker couple, living nearby Hamburg, we have quickly made a plan to meet and cycle around.

I have been knowing Hamburg from the past, but Hamburg today, is even more bigger, more modern (more expensive...).

What impressed my most, beside the friendly attitude of Hamburgers citizens, was the wide variety of music shops.

We had the chance to participate a 'concert' in one of Hamburgs music pubs, the 'Knust', whereas we have seen on stage Ryan Bingham and Valerie in the pre-program...  Just wonderful!

Voices! Music!

Hamburg is a gifted city! Worth to go.

Good bike ways, friendly people, good infrastructure.

Enjoy the following pictures.

Good luck to our followers!

the way it has started - with the night train to Hamburg

the tour guide
our little biker group
a typical modern Hamburg building - this is new Hamburg!
the new 'Elbphilharmonie' building
 the 'Fish market hall'
flood safety doors
 the 'fish-market'
a view to the other river Elbe shore 
our lunch restaurant - the 'Warsteiner'
and now: biking - Beate on the way to Cranz
again: Beate, the lady has unbelievable kilometers in her legs 
...and me, Iris
 dotore on his E-bike, our tour guide
again, our tour guide
 Beate, she traveled the world by bicycle
our bike path: the river Elbe dam
arrived at the newly restored Neuenfelder church
the church entrance door
 ceiling paintings at the Neuenfelder church
the church's organ
 organ from the near
the poor sinners corner
 the candle candelabra
church erection year: 1683
 have found my fan-post friends hometown...
 beautiful 'Altes Land'
 back via river Elbe ferry: Blankenese in sight!
an excellent place for lunch 
 yes - it's true - we are satisfied with that place!
on our way back: visible another modern Hamburg building
beautiful buildings at the return way, near the Elbchausee 
a floating restaurant near the Elbchaussee
 The bicycle 'Gurke', I have been riding - no complaints!
 back in my previous home
our home musician studio
our comfortable living room

back to my sweet home

Enjoy the pictures!