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Welcome to my Home Page for Advanced Language Arts and Writing Instruction!!!!!!!!! 
As you navigate this site, you will notice that I include class announcements, class assignments, handouts, templates, curriculum packets, and helpful web links. 

Notice the calendar on the right for the entire Innovation Community.  This calendar includes community information from Mrs. Hambrick, Ms. Bryant, Mrs. Ritchie, Mr. Thompson, and Ms. Brislin.  There is also a link to our Innovation Website where you will find links to each teacher's individual websites.
Please return to this page often.  It will be updated frequently, and I will expect that you will consider this google site as a mandatory resource for my classes.
At times I will post questions for extra enrichment, extra credit, or for Genius Points!  Sometimes an Open Response prompt, take home test, or homework assignment will be added to the site.  Learn how to navigate this site or you will not be up to date and prepared for class. 
SPECIAL NOTE TO PARENTS:  Please check this site often.  It is a wonderful way for you to help your child keep up with assignments and to lend them help and support.  At times I will give hints as to how you can best help your child in the side bar titled:  Parent's Corner.
Please email me with questions or concerns at:  willow.hambrick@scott.kyschools.us
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Innovation Community Calendar