Colorado 14er Event Awards

Two awards are available for radio contacts to and from the
14,000-foot mountains of Colorado. The SUMMIT AWARD is earned by making contact
with 10 or more of the 14er mountains. The PINNACLE AWARD recognizes operation
from 14er summits, requiring radio operation from 5 or more summits. Award
recipients will receive an attractive, colorful certificate with name, call sign
and the number of peaks worked or activated on it.

Any amateur band can be used to make these contacts. No QSL cards are required
but a list of stations worked (including call sign, summit, date, time, band and
mode) must be submitted. Endorsements such as HF- only, VHF/UHF only, specific
band, specific mode, satellite, etc. are available at the discretion of the
awards manager. (If you have a specific idea for an endorsement, just ask!)
Repeater contacts are not allowed but OSCAR satellite contacts do count for the

The Colorado 14er Event is an excellent opportunity to work or activate 14er
summits. However, radio contacts can be made anytime during the year and count
towards these two awards.

To apply for these awards, review the details of the award rules and download
the application below.
Bob Witte,
Feb 5, 2012, 7:33 PM
Bob Witte,
Feb 5, 2012, 7:32 PM