Experimental Cinema Resources

 + Luxonline: primarily devoted to British avant-garde film and video, but includes information on American and Canadian work as well, particularly in the "history" section.

 + Flicker: extensive resource of further links to sites about contemporary and historical experimental cinema.

 + UbuWeb Film: growing archive of experimental film and video viewable online; also includes some excellent source documents.

 + iota Center: resources on visual music, including an archive of articles by William Moritz

 + Center for Visual Music: more historical articles on visual music.

 + Distributors' catalogs serve as important research tools, and sometimes include statements by artists in their descriptions: see the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, Women Make Movies, EAI, Video Data BankCanyon Cinema and the Film-Makers' Coop.

 + A bibliography on experimental film at Berkeley.

+ The British Artists Moving Image Database "covers experimental and avant-garde film, video art, artists' television, gallery-based installations and other works that use moving image and audio-visual multimedia technologies, made by British and British-based artists.

 + A pdf of Gene Youngblood's Expanded Cinema

 + Philip Hood's searchable database of 16mm films in circulation at the Film-Makers' Coop, Donnell Media Center, and public libraries in Pennsylvania, Boston, Maryland and Washington DC; also includes a useful selection of cinema texts and an index to films referenced in Amos Vogel's Film As A Subversive Art.

 + Bright Lights Film Journal's selection of articles on experimental film. 

 + A great deal of writing on experimental work appears in Senses of Cinema

 + Millennium Film Journal includes an full index and many articles online.

 + My del.icio.us links tagged "experimental film"

+ Media Art Net provides an excellent resource on new and old media art, as well as some film, including source documents.

+ Some great resources on early video art: Vasulka.org, Experimental Television Center, the Early Video Project, Radical Software.

 + Writers on experimental film: Fred Camper, Robert Haller, Melissa Ragona and me

+ The Moving Image Source Resource Guide. An excellent place to begin research of film, video or new media of any kind.