Make Tomorrow Happen Today

The future belongs to the free soul of the independent mind. That future and that soul is not God's to command, society's to control, the governments' to own, nor a tyrant's to rule. Our lives are ours and ours alone, so let us live as free beings who make tomorrow happen today.

The Path to Tomorrow

America continues on its path of self-destruction. In politics, altruism as the moral ideal reigns supreme; in the culture, collectivism as a social principle is primary; in economics, statism and socialism control the marketplace; and in foreign policy, diplomacy and appeasement rule as absolute dogma. The result is a citizenry that is becoming increasingly resentful toward its government ,and weary and wary of its neighbors; an economy propped up by paper, and a state department that kisses the asses of nuclear tyrants and their fellow wannabes.
Who and what can save America? You, fighting for Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism.