Marc Facciotti's lab is located on the fifth floor of the Genome center on the UC Davis Campus. The lab is currently involved in a large scale genome sequencing project for the haloarchaea with the goal of sequencing over 60 different genomes. This work will provide the foundation for future comparative studies. 

The Facciotti Team uses a systems biology approach to understand the complex physiology of archaeal organisms. Systems biology is a way of studying the relationships and interactions between various parts of a biological system (metabolic pathways, organelles, cells and organisms) and to integrate this information to understand how biological systems function as a whole. 

This summer, the Facciotti Lab has taken on two High School interns and two High School Biology teachers as part of the NSF grant. The students and teachers are working on various projects involving archaea. 

The two local teachers, Mylee Lam and Ann Moriarty, hope to bring what they learn in the lab into the high school classroom through new curriculum they design with Dr. Facciotti. 

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